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Welcome to the Creative & Media Studio School!


The Creative College in Huddersfield!


Industry experienced staff alongside high spec technologies provide an opportunity to bridge the gap between College and the Creative work environment.  Offering high quality education, strong industry links and an inclusive, open plan setting, we pride ourselves on delivering professional, creative and individuals able to succeed in the next step of their journey.


You can choose to study A Level: Fine Art, Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Textiles, Media Studies as well as Maths and English alongside BTEC qualifications in; Media Make-up and Special Effects, Business, Criminology,  Music, Music Production, Performing Arts, Musical Theatre, Health and Social Care,Level  3 Criminology and Sport Studies.

Success can be hard to achieve but with the right work ethic and enthusiasm we will nurture young people’s creativity and talent and channel it for future success, this is captured in the sign above our door

“Your talent gets you to the door; your work ethic leads you to success.”